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Letter: Help Ukraine
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Help Ukraine Ukrainians have united behind a stamp that has a soldier giving the middle finger to a Russian captain telling the Ukrainians to surrender. There are so many ways to give it’s confusing. With that I wanted to suggest the United States lead the free world with promoting a premium Ukrainian stamp. Our stamp cost 60 cents and if given...
Letter: Help Hamden residents
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Honorable council members, The lion's share of the proposed tax increase comes from the incredible contractual commitments to our nearly 1,400 union employees, town and BOE combined. Those, as always, are difficult to reduce other than by contract change. On the other hand, Mayor Garrett has added roughly $6.5 million in discretionary increases.
Disbarred CT attorney who accused judge of favoring Jewish people ordered to be taken into custody
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A judge has ordered former Hamden attorney Nickola Cunha to be taken into custody after she failed to provide all of the requested documents, a court filing shows.
Hamden High School closed Friday due to staff absences
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The senior field trip to Six Flags will still go ahead as planned, officials said.
Hamden schools’ new food programs eye nutrition
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One program targets hungry middle schoolers in the early morning, while the other serves the entire family.
Opinion: State government must protect our trees
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Connecticut residents must take action now. Don’t set aside your outrage and sadness over the loss of these trees.
Author Maldonado urges Quinnipiac grads to ‘write your own story’
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“Writing taught me that we can each be the main character in our own stories and create our own narrative,” author Crystal Maldonado said.
Former Hamden police chief’s twin brother now set to lead department
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“This is going to sound incredibly biased, but you found the best pick,” Thomas Wydra said of his brother Tim Wydra’s promotion to deputy chief.
Letter: Freedom is the issue
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I’m tired of Susan Campbell and others who give no relevance to what is important. The issue has become the lack of tolerance to the First Amendment, we here in the Northeast have become intolerant of conservative views to the point of a recent article suggesting we become a refuge for Democrats. I truthfully believe that the state wants a...
Hamden Police Chief John Sullivan to retire next week
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Police Chief John Sullivan submitted his retirement letter to the town Monday morning, Mayor Lauren Garrett confirmed.
Hamden students make art come alive on school field
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The program, called “Art for the Sky,” aims to teach kids about seeing the “big-picture” view of the world.
Hamden mayor orders halt to destruction of records amid controversy over police files
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The destruction of records reportedly responsive to a Freedom of Information request gave “the appearance of impropriety,” Hamden Mayor Lauren Garrett said.
Letter: Seeking help against Alzheimer’s
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The National Alzheimer’s Plan has established a goal of developing preventions and effective treatments for Alzheimer’s by 2025. To help achieve this, the NIH Alzheimer’s bypass budget — what the NIH scientists say they need — calls for an additional $226 million in Alzheimer’s research funding for fiscal year 2023. This increase will...
Destruction of Hamden police records questioned
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The Police Department requested and was granted permission to destroy the records, but a police commissioner had asked to review them.
Hamden students won’t get day off for Muslim Eid al-Fitr holiday until next year
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The decision to add Eid al-Fitr to the calendar as a day off comes two years after a group of students rallied to advocate for the change.