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A Syrian democracy activist overcomes detentions, barriers in path to Yale
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Karam Alhamad, ’23 M.P.P., a Syrian democracy activist, faced unexpected hurdles getting to New Haven. He wants to make the way easier for the next generation.
President Salovey addresses Supreme Court’s abortion ruling
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The United States Supreme Court on Friday overruled its prior decision in Roe v. Wade, effectively ending the federal constitutional right to an abortion.
Construction at Yale School of Medicine creates inclusive environment
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Begun in 2019, the Yale School of Medicine’s accessibility project is giving its old campus buildings a more inclusive makeover.
Fred S. Kantor, M.D., 1931–2022
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Fred Stuart Kantor, whose dedication to training young doctors continued right up until his death, passed away on May 28. He was 90 years old.
2 officers put on leave after man injured in custody
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Officials in Connecticut say two New Haven officers have been placed on paid leave and three others were reassigned after a man was seriously injured in the back of a police van. Richard Cox is being treated at a hospital and could be paralyzed. (June 22)
Letter to the editor: State troopers get a bad reputation
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In reference to the past articles of the New Haven Register, our great state troopers are getting an undeserved bad reputation. For six years times 365 days equals 2,190 days times 24 hours equals 52,560 times 940 state troopers equals 49,406,400 man hours. Out of those 49,406,400 man hours there have been 900 complaints, only 300 credible...
Yale Nursing honors essential partners: Preceptors
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YSN’s 4th Annual Preceptor Appreciation Day and award ceremony honored clinicians who volunteer to help guide and shape the next generation of nurses.
Single-cell analysis reveals clues about promising cancer therapy
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A team of researchers has uncovered some critical clues about why a significant number of patients relapse from CAR T therapy for blood cancer.
Yale Hospital Medicine, a beautiful partnership
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The new Hospital Medicine Firm at YNHH’s York Street campus pairs hospitalist physicians and senior resident physicians in an “apprenticeship” model.
Yale Alumni Q&A: Marina Belica ’81 and Julie Flanders ’81
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Belica and Flanders met as first-year roommates at Yale and went on to perform and record music that has been seen and heard by millions.
COVID-19 vaccines for kids under 5: What parents need to know
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Yale Medicine pediatricians weigh in on the recent recommendation of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines for young children.
Understanding vaccine responses in individuals with weakened immune systems
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Yale researchers will conduct a series of studies on vaccine responses in vulnerable groups, including those with multiple sclerosis and sickle cell disease.
Yarwood named director for Africa and the Middle East
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Formerly at the Department of State, Janette Yarwood will join Yale’s Office of International Affairs as the Director for Africa and the Middle East on June 27.
Yale promotes two campus leaders as part of new approach to public safety
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The promotions are part of ongoing work to deepen student and community engagement and broaden the range of experts involved in public safety on campus.
Michael Girardi appointed Evans Professor of Dermatology
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Girardi is an internationally recognized investigator and translational expert in the advancement of personalized therapy for cutaneous T cell lymphoma.
YSN welcomes in-person guests to celebrate the Class of 2022
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On May 23, the Yale School of Nursing welcomed guests to celebrate Commencement on Old Campus and at a diploma ceremony on school grounds.
What is sugar alcohol? The reduced-calorie sweetener you might not recognize.
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Sugar alcohol is a reduced-calorie sweetener with a chemical makeup similar to sugar. Here's how it can fit into your diet.
Faith Matters: Living faithfully in uncertain times
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Today the spirit of vulnerability, mortality, diseases, hatred, political power exploitation and exclusion have, like a fog, surrounded us.
Feds: Hamden man sentenced to seven years for selling fentanyl around New Haven
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Authorities seized $24,134 in cash, roughly $165,000 worth of jewelry and a Mercedes-Benz as part of the arrest, according to federal prosecutors.
Concert review: Kraftwerk puts the man in the machine in New Haven
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At Wednesday’s concert in New Haven, German band Kraftwerk demonstrated that despite the electronic pulse of their music machine, there is a human heart beating loudly inside, offering up a wink and a nod. If you had never been to a Kraftwerk concert, or even listened to their music, you might have had a bit […]
Letter to the editor: We must restore Bible to classroom
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How much longer do these tragedies of innocent victims have to continue before we realize that the heart of the matter is the matter of the heart? Jesus said it quite clearly, “Out of the heart come evil thoughts such as murder...” Matthew 15:19. People wonder why our country is in such an upheaval: all levels of divisions, and the rise in...
Discoveries & impact across Yale’s Department of Internal Medicine
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This month, we explore increasing access to behavioral counseling, hospital workloads and their effect on patient care, values and end-of-life care, and more.
Essential documents of United States history on display at the Beinecke
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From June 17 to July 17, the Beinecke Library marks the 246th anniversary of the nation’s founding with a special display of vital documents of U.S. history.
Letter to the editor: Police do good work
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Regarding the recent comprehensive article about police incidents of misbehavior or brutality: What a thorough investigation and report should include, to my mind, would be a report on police encounters that went off properly. What is the point of reporting only negative events without any context or perspective? That’s what I would like to know.
Hand ischemia: When hand pain won’t go away
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Yale Medicine experts discuss the rare, painful, and difficult-to-diagnose condition, and a specialized program they have developed to help treat the disorder.