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Bridgeport women react to overturning of Roe v. Wade
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A crowd of nearly 50 women protest the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Organizers said they are planning next steps to fight for women’s rights over their bodies.
Memorial ride set for Bridgeport teen killed in scooter crash
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A memorial ride will be held Saturday in Bridgeport after Adolfo “AJ” DeJesus, 17, was killed last week when a pickup truck struck his scooter.
Bridgeport native, 101, recreates her flight with Amelia Earhart 85 years later
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Anne Fiyalka, 101, was a passenger on a flight piloted by Amelia Earhart in 1936. She said she was inspired by the groundbreaking aviation pioneer.
Bridgeport teen killed in scooter crash ‘didn’t even get to spread his wings,’ family says
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Adolfo “AJ” DeJesus, 17, died after being struck by a pickup truck while riding a scooter in Bridgeport last week.
Police find gun while investigating alleged assault at Bridgeport gas station
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The Bridgeport Police Department arrested the two men after a woman said she was assaulted in a city gas station Wednesday morning.
Ortiz doesn’t qualify for Bridgeport senate primary; plans to sue
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Juliemar Ortiz is trying to compete in the Democratic primary against incumbent Dennis Bradley and party nominee Rev. Herron Gaston.
Bridgeport’s Beardsley Zoo kicks off centennial with live shows, time capsule
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The zoo is marking the milestone with a bake off, animal shows and burying a time capsule set to be opened in 50 years.
Bridgeport no exige título universitario a candidatos a jefe de policía
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Policía de CT asegura que menor no fue quemado por otros niños
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Police: Bridgeport man charged with killing Shelton man in P.T. Barnum Complex
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The Bridgeport Police Department charged Amheir Noel Wednesday with a fatal shooting in the P.T. Barnum Housing Complex earlier this month.
Barnum parade back in Bridgeport with original floats
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The Barnum Festival Parade starts at John Street and Park Avenue at noon on Sunday and features a number of floats.
Let’s Mangia at These Upcoming Italian Festivals Around Connecticut
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I love celebrating my Italian heritage, and the pasta fagioli that they serve, at the many Italian-American feasts and festivals that are held around Connecticut. Ziti & meatballs, sausage & peppers, soffrito, pizzelles, and oh, the fried dough Continue reading…
Bridgeport Guardians 'appalled' college degree not required for new chief
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The city, however, has said candidates with a higher education will receive preference.
Scooter rider, 18, dies after hit by pickup truck in Bridgeport
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Adolpho “AJ” De Jesus, 18, has died after he and a 17-year-old were struck by a pickup truck last week while riding a scooter in Bridgeport.
Letter to the editor: Jan. 6 wasn’t the last attempt
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As an avid watcher of the current presentations of the Jan. 6 committee regarding the insurrection attacks on the Capitol, I cannot but classify it as an attempted coup, an attack on the democratic process of the United States. This is evidenced by a group of white nationalists known primarily as members of the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers who...
Youths, ages 3 and 17, seriously hurt in Bridgeport scooter crash, official says
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A Bridgeport official said the two minors remained hospitalized with serious injuries Tuesday after the crash — the city’s second last week involving a scooter.
Bridgeport buyback program collects 20 guns
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Of the 20 firearms collected Saturday in Bridgeport, eight were semiautomatic handguns and one was an AR-15-style rifle.
Short of their goal, Bridgeport Islanders battled adversity into playoffs
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“You get a little bit of success, it kind of leaves you wanting more. ... That was a good thing for our young guys.”
Campaña busca evitar que más jóvenes sean llevados al sistema de justicia penal
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Opinion: Say no to animals in traveling shows
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“There is no question that animal acts are a cruel and unnecessary business,” says animal advocate Karen Laski, a member of the board of Connecticut Votes for Animals.
Bridgeport again not requiring college degree for police chief candidates
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Critics decry the decision, but city officials emphasize a higher education is preferred.
Editorial: Take time to ponder the meaning of Juneteenth
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We can claim to be a colorblind society, but the results of our actions show something different.
Bridgeport seeks developers for historic downtown buildings
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The Davidson’s and McLevy structures are prominent landmarks.
Ansonia job fair features trades, health care fields
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Ansonia job seekers can get their resumes worked on, professional headshots and information on training programs to enter the job force.
Former Harding, Avon Old Farms star Taisun Phommachanh transferring from Clemson to Georgia Tech
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Phommachanh has three years of eligibility remaining after playing three seasons at Clemson.