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Bridgeport native, 101, recreates her flight with Amelia Earhart 85 years later
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Anne Fiyalka, 101, was a passenger on a flight piloted by Amelia Earhart in 1936. She said she was inspired by the groundbreaking aviation pioneer.
CT man gets 80 years for 2018 killing of Bethel woman, court officials say
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Brandon Roberts, 29, was sentenced to 80 years Friday for shooting and killing Emily Todd, a 25-year-old therapist from Bethel.
A look inside Sacred Heart’s Martire Family Arena, still 7 months from hosting first hockey game
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The long-awaited rink at Sacred Heart’s West Campus remains on target for its mid-January opening weekend.
Violin Scammers Spotted in Danbury’s Whole Foods Parking Lot
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This is a scam and you bought it hook, line and sinker but don't be embarrassed, they got a lot of people. According to published reports from all around the country, this popular and deceptive game is aimed at removing you from your money. Continue reading…
Bridgeport’s Beardsley Zoo kicks off centennial with live shows, time capsule
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The zoo is marking the milestone with a bake off, animal shows and burying a time capsule set to be opened in 50 years.
Bridgeport no exige título universitario a candidatos a jefe de policía
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Letter to the editor: Train facts wanted
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The article “Differing recovery rates for CT railroads,” on Tuesday misses the point entirely. The lede should have been where did all the riders go, not who’s using M8 cars — particularly on Metro-North, the line used by your Fairfield County readers, and one that was disparaged because it is a commuter line. When I commuted I was...
CT Makes Top 10 List of States That Submit the Most Pothole Complaints in America
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Every time I think I may let up, my car is eaten by a pothole created by Satan himself. Let's put it this way, if you live in Danbury and you drive, you're hitting multiple potholes each day, no matter the time of year. On the occasional slow-traffic day, you might be able to avoid some potholes but only if you're willing to slalom...
Editorial: Maybe there’s one good thing about high gas prices
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More people on buses is better for everyone, even people who don’t ride them.
Fairfield home with car collector barns listed for $4.75M
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The home on 1481 Hillside Road in Fairfield has a car barn with custom hydraulic lifts to store the current owner’s car collection.
Firefighters respond to chemical spill in Trumbull
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First responders were called to a chemical leak at a building on Merritt Boulevard in Trumbull Tuesday morning. The chemical was determined to be mildly corrosive and an irritant.
Study Finds CT Rates Nearly Last When it Comes to Patriotism
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Two things: How patriotic is Connecticut and greater Danbury's fireworks location... Continue reading…
Police: Man shot at Southport restaurant not cooperating with probe
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Police said they are looking for video footage of the shooting that occurred just after midnight Sunday at Wafu Asian Bistro in Southport.
‘It makes no sense:’ Hundreds mourn Shelton teen James McGrath
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McGrath’s Fairfield Prep lacrosse and football teammates linked arms and stood by as his casket was brought into the church.
$12M Westport compound has been in a music video, has a 'living roof' and accepts cryptocurrency
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The home on 11 Bluewater Hill in Westport has a Foucault pendulum in its foyer, an indoor pool and a rooftop deck. It also accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payment.
Bridgeport again not requiring college degree for police chief candidates
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Critics decry the decision, but city officials emphasize a higher education is preferred.
A Boat’s Eye View of Candlewood Lakes’ Pine Island
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Here's a close look of one of the largest islands on Candlewood Lake. Continue reading…
One injured after shooting at Wafu in Southport, police say
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Fairfield police said multiple shots were reported at Wafu restaurant in Southport just after midnight on Sunday.
Antique farmhouse in Redding with guest cottage listed for nearly $1.4M
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The farmhouse on 46 Dayton Road in Redding was built around 1780 and has a carriage house and a guest cottage.
Greenwich dermatologist appears on new season of Bravo’s ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’
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Greenwich resident and celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Kim Nichols appeared on Monday night’s episode of Bravo’s “Below Deck Selling Yacht.”
Television Fathers and Families That Made Connecticut Home
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A look at three of television's famous dads who moved to Connecticut and made it their home. Continue reading…
UPDATE: Body of 24-Year-Old Bristol Man Who Disappeared in Candlewood Lake Has Been Recovered
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The 24-year-old Bristol man who disappeared from a boat on Candlewood Lake has been located. Continue reading…
Fairfield fire union reviews former firefighter’s ‘disgustingly bigoted comments’
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Fairfield Fire Fighters Association IAFF 1426 said it is conducting an “internal review” after being alerted to comments that were made on social media.
Aguas residuales de CT ayudan con pruebas para verificar erradicación del COVID-19
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Police: Fairfield vape shop employee sold marijuana, nicotine to minors
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Fairfield police said they received “numerous complaints” of minors purchasing “marijuana and nicotine products” at the Rose Smoke and Vape Shop.