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COVID-19 active cases down to 87 in Columbia County
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Active COVID-19 cases were down in Columbia and Lafayette counties on Thursday, up in Nevada and Ouachita counties, and unchanged in Union County, according to the Arkansas Department of Health.
Hampton gets six-year term for variety of offenses
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Chavella Lashia Hampton of Waldo received a total of six years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections last week for forgery in the 2nd degree and of possessing drug paraphernalia, being a habitual offender, and revocation of probation and suspended…
COVID-19 cases continue to fall in South Arkansas
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Active cases of COVID-19 were down in all five South Arkansas counties on Thursday, according to the Arkansas Department of Health.
AG&FC looks for help from Columbia County, neighboring landowners to collar bears for research
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Myron Means, large carnivore program coordinator for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is looking for leads into likely research candidates to wear GPS collars during Arkansas’s inaugural bear season in South Arkansas this year.
Three mayoral positions in Columbia County draw opposition for general election
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Mayoral races in Emerson, McNeil and Waldo will be contested in the November 8 general election.
South Arkansas business incorporations for the week ended Tuesday, August 9
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South Arkansas business incorporations by county for the week ended Tuesday, August 9, 2022, according to the Arkansas Secretary of State.
South Arkansas bankruptcies for the week ended Tuesday, August 9
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South Arkansas bankruptcies by county for the week ended Tuesday, August 9, 2022, according to the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Arkansas.
COVID-19 cases up by two in Columbia County
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Active cases of COVID-19 were up slightly in Columbia and Lafayette counties, steady in Nevada County and down in Ouachita and Union counties on Tuesday, according to the Arkansas Department of Health.
City of Magnolia gets $299,999 grant for water pumps
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The City of Magnolia has received a $299,999 grant to replace a water pump located at Lake Columbia and a pump at the Station 3 water well.
McBride receives 10-year sentence for meth trafficking in Columbia County
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A Magnolia man was sentenced Tuesday to 120 months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release, for distributing methamphetamine in Columbia County.
Sticky legal situation emerging for Tasty Donuts owners in Magnolia
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The parent company and a subsidiary of Shipley Do-nuts are suing its Magnolia franchise holders, alleging breaches of franchise agreements.
Columbia County marriage licenses through Friday, August 5, 2022
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Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in August 2022 as recorded by the Columbia County Clerk. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first.
Columbia County final divorce decrees through Friday, August 5, 2022
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Final divorce decrees in Columbia County during August 2022 filed with the Columbia County Circuit Clerk. The name listed first is the plaintiff. Most recent decrees are listed first.
Carter SAU's new assistant softball coach
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Molly Carter has been hired as assistant softball coach for the 2022-23 season at Southern Arkansas University.
COVID-19 cases falling rapidly in South Arkansas
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Active cases of COVID-19 plummeted in five South Arkansas counties on Monday, according to the Arkansas Department of Health.
Deadline looms for municipal election candidates
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The deadline is noon Wednesday for candidates seeking municipal positions in Columbia County.
Mike McNeill’s Diary for Monday, August 8, 2022: Welcome, Columbia County Fair
[[ vote_1_value['eFjaA4xKtDsr'] | number:0 ]] welcomes back as a seasonal advertiser the 2022 Columbia County Fair and Livestock Show. The fair is Monday, September 19 through Saturday, September 24. You can go for the rides, shows and exhibits but for our part, it’s the…
County Road 79 will be closed for improvement on Wednesday
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Columbia County Road 79 will be closed all day Wednesday, August 10 from U.S. 79 to Columbia County Road 7.
COVID-19 cases down slightly in South Arkansas
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Active cases of COVID-19 rose slightly in Columbia and Lafayette counties on Sunday, but dropped in Nevada, Ouachita and Union counties, said the Arkansas Department of Health.
Columbia Christian starts school year with new superintendent
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When school begins this week at Columbia Christian School, a new leader will be at the helm.
Delek US holdings reports second quarter 2022 results
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Delek US Holdings, Inc., has announced financial results for its second quarter ended June 30.
Magnolia Police list recent arrests
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Recent arrests made by the Magnolia Police Department. Many, but not all, of these arrests have previously been listed in our daily report Columbia County Justice and Detention Facility bookings and releases.
Two people want to be McNeil mayor
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The mayor’s race in McNeil added a second candidate on Friday as the midway point passed in the filing period for municipal office in Columbia County.
COVID-19 cases drop in South Arkansas on Friday
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COVID-19 active cases declined across South Arkansas on Friday, with lower numbers in four counties and no change in one county.
Whitehead new VP for Human Resources at Bodcaw Bank
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Bodcaw Bank has named Jenny Marie Whitehead as vice president of Human Resources.