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Increased awareness of Dia de Los Muertos
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Perhaps thanks to a growing Hispanic population in the United States (and films like “Coco” and “The Book of Life”), there’s been a rising awareness of the Mexican holiday of Dia de Los Muertos. Taking place on Nov. 1 and…
As murders rise, most go unsolved in East Baton Rouge: 'Our detectives are working hard'
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Jeska Carmouche was asleep when her uncle came into her room in the dark, early morning hours to relay the news: Her brother, the boy she helped raise, was dead.
The Pessimistic Electorate Behind Biden’s Approval Ratings
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In the era of modern polling, only Donald J. Trump has had a lower approval rating than President Biden’s at this early stage of his term.
Biden the Dealmaker Finds That Compromise Can Have Consequences
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The president pushed for an expansive agenda knowing that he would most likely have to pare it back, leaving a sense of disappointment that could hurt his party at the polls.
Saudi Crown Prince says country aiming for zero carbon emissions by 2060
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Everytable Is Trying to Make Healthy Food as Accessible as Fast Food
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A former hedge fund trader thinks centralized kitchens and sliding scale prices are going to crack the code of making healthy food affordable for everyone.
US Defense Secretary Talks China, Russia and Afghanistan at NATO
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US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin wrapped his trip to Europe Friday at the conclusion of the NATO defense ministerial in Brussels, with a focus on China and Afghanistan. VOA Pentagon correspondent Carla Babb reports.
House investigators target the money trail behind Jan. 6
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The House select committee is setting its sights on the financing behind events and people associated with January 6, CNN has learned, including money that funded pro-Trump "Stop the Steal" rallies that preceded the attack on the Capitol that day, in an effort to determine whether any election law violations or financial crimes took place.
Terrifying monsters in literature
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Some of our favorite monsters have unique and curious origins. Stacker compiled a gallery of 15 of the most terrifying monsters in literature.
How Halloween has changed in the past 100 years
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Stacker takes a close look at how Halloween has changed over the course of the last century, from changing traditions to purchasing trends.
Dinosaur fossil from a supposed huge carnivore belongs to something else
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A dinosaur fossil footprint found about 50 years ago is from a plant-eating dinosaur -- not a huge meat-eating dinosaur as previously thought, according to a new study.
NASA's Artemis I mission to the moon is delayed
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The launch of Artemis I, an uncrewed mission serving as the first step of NASA's ambitious program to return humans to the moon, has been delayed until at least February, according to the agency.
Texas abortion ban is an early glimpse of what post-Roe America would look like for women
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Israel labels six Palestinian civil society groups 'terrorist,' setting challenge for donors
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Israel's government has declared six Palestinian civil society groups supported by the international community as terrorist organizations, prompting dismay among human rights campaigners.
People vaccinated against Covid-19 less likely to die from any cause, study finds
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People who got Covid-19 vaccines were not only less likely to die from the virus, but they were less likely to die from any cause over the following months, researchers reported Friday.
Apple Updates App Store Payment Rules in Concession to Developers
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Apple has updated its App Store rules to allow developers to contact users directly about payments, a concession in a legal settlement with companies challenging its tightly controlled marketplace. According to App Store rules updated Friday, developers can now contact consumers directly about alternate payment methods, bypassing Apple's commission...
How ‘managed retreat’ from climate change could revitalize rural America
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If rural communities plan carefully, they can reinvent themselves as the perfect homes for people fleeing wildfire and hurricane zones.
Foxconn Reveals Three Sleek Electric Prototypes
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Contract manufacturer Foxconn unveiled three new electric vehicle (EV) models this week at its annual Hon Hai Tech Day. The global smart manufacturing company introduced the new EVs alongside a new all-electric brand, Foxtron, which is getting these prototype vehicles…
Midwestern Doctor Cares For Rural Community Amid Rise In COVID Cases
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(NAPSI)—In rural Kansas, Dr. Kristina Darnauer is one of only four doctors practicing in Rice County. She is also the only family medicine doctor practicing in Sterling, where she lives with her husband and three children. Dr. Darnauer delivers local…
You Can Help Save A Life
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(NAPSI)—Being a hero and helping repair the world may be easier than many people realize. How? Become a blood stem cell or marrow donor, volunteer or a supporter.The ProblemEvery three minutes, someone in the United States is diagnosed with a…
Prop Gun in Alec Baldwin Accidental Movie Set Shooting Had Live Rounds, Police Say
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Alec Baldwin was handed what was described as a safe "cold gun" on the set of his movie "Rust," but the prop gun contained live rounds when it was fired, according to details of the police investigation into the fatal shooting released on Friday. The shot hit cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in the chest, and director Joel Souza who was behind her,...
New Reports Point to Dams 'Stressing' Cambodia's Mekong River Fisheries
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Kong Kim, a fisherman in Cambodia's northeast, is worried about the next few years. "I am concerned that there will be no fish in the future," the 62-year-old told VOA Khmer earlier this week. "Fish are now less and less." Once he could fish the Mekong River for his family and catch enough to sell as well, he said, but today he hooks just 1 or 2...
Sports in brief
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Talks continue on deal for $2 trillion Biden domestic spending package
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Readers sound off on the Democratic primaries, sidewalk bikers and COVID lockdowns
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Huntington Station, L.I.: Howard Husock’s recent opinion piece in The News, “Buffalo’s lesson for New York City” (Oct. 13) about challenger India Walton beating incumbent Mayor Byron Brown was full of mistakes, mischaracterizations and misinformation.