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America's small businesses are running out of workers
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The pandemic forced Freed Bodyworks, a wellness center offering massage therapy, yoga, acupuncture, mental health counseling and other services, to shut down for four months. But while clients returned when it reopened in the summer of 2020, workers did not.
China must show it's not an 'agent of instability' on Taiwan, US Ambassador to China says
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China needs to convince the rest of the world it is not an "agent of instability" and will act peacefully in the Taiwan Strait, US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns said in his first TV interview since taking up his post in Beijing six months ago.
Kenya’s Presidential Election Battle Moves to Supreme Court
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Kenya's former prime minister Raila Odinga is challenging the validity of the results of a closely fought election that saw his rival William Ruto declared president-elect. As the battle moves to Kenya's Supreme Court, political and legal experts weigh in on Odinga's claims of voter fraud. Juma Majanga reports from Nairobi, Kenya. Some of the video...
Ukrainian Olympic Champion Finds Refuge in California
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Ukrainian athlete Lyudmila Dzhigalova spent several months in Kharkiv when Russia invaded her country. Eventually, the Olympic champion’s son convinced her to leave the city and move to California. He stayed behind. VOA Russian has the story, narrated by Anna Rice. Camera: Vazgen Varzhabetian
Amid China Tensions, Taiwanese Seek First Aid, Military Training
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On a weekday afternoon in August, dozens of Taipei residents sit on the floor in a church basement, learning to pack wounds and apply bandages as part of a first aid course that has become more urgent as China intensifies its threats against Taiwan. “With the situation in Taiwan at the moment, I think that sense of being ready [is] important,"...
In Mozambique, Banana Wholesalers Are Turning into Pedalers
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With transportation costs tripling in the past year, Mozambican wholesalers are sending bananas to market by bicycle instead of truck, aiming to reduce spending on fuel. From Manica province in western Mozambique André Baptista has the story, narrated by Carol Guensburg.
WHO Approves Lifesaving Ebola Drugs
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The World Health Organization says clinical evidence shows two monoclonal antibody treatments are effective at saving the lives of many people stricken with the deadly Ebola virus. The action follows a systematic review and analysis of randomized clinical trials of therapeutics for the disease. WHO Team Lead for Clinical Care Janet Diaz says the...
Things are getting loud in Lexington – for a great reason
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LEXINGTON SC (WOLO) – It will prove to be an epic duel between four local bands in Lexington all for a great cause.  The Forth Annual Let’s Get Loud Battle of the Bands, which supports the Fisher House of Columbia is scheduled for Friday at the Icehouse Amphitheater in Lexington. According to show host Troy Fite, the Fisher House of...
Cheney, Hageman release recordings in tit-for-tat over concession call
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Burning luggage at hospital spurs evacuation
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A security guard at St. John’s Health noticed a burning piece of luggage in front of the emergency room Thursday afternoon, prompting an evacuation.
State moves to raise abortion questions to Supreme Court
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Wyoming’s criminal abortion ban lawsuit is likely heading to the Wyoming Supreme Court.
Details scant after employee finds human foot in Yellowstone hot spring
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After a Yellowstone National Park employee found part of a human foot in a shoe floating in the Abyss Pool on Tuesday, little information is available about why it ended up in the pool or how long it had been…
EDC updated on projects
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NEWPORT—The Economic Development Commission met Thursday evening where they heard several updates from Partnership President Lucas Graham.
Film review: ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ brings old wounds to the surface for a bloody good time
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At the beginning of “Bodies Bodies Bodies,” Sophie (Amandla Stenberg) is preparing to introduce her new girlfriend Bee (Maria Bakalova) to her childhood friends for the first time. On the way to a ridiculously expensive vacation home, Bee pours over her cellphone, sizing up the people who know Sophie best through their social media – […]...
Fire at munitions depo forces 2 Russian villages to evacuate in another destructive incident behind enemy lines
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Moving Away From Opioids to Treat Dental Pain
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FRIDAY, Aug. 19, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- Many opioid abusers cite short-term, legitimate use of an opioid for relief of joint or dental pain as their "gateway" into addiction.
FDA Issues Warning to Maker of Illegal Nicotine Gummies
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FRIDAY, Aug. 19, 2022 (HealthDay News) – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Thursday warned a maker of nicotine gummies to stop marketing what is an illegal product.
Pious Parasites: Medieval Monks Battled Nasty Gut Germs
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FRIDAY, Aug. 19, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- Medieval monks were much more wormy than average folks, a new archaeological analysis has revealed.
Russia Just Pushed Us One Step Closer to Nuclear Catastrophe
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Russian media: nearly 700 Russian contractors from the 64th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade want to desert from...
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AP News Summary at 9:37 a.m. EDT
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AP Week in Pictures: Latin America and Caribbean
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Community up in arms over contractor scammers
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Charming, personable, persuasive and utterly corrupt. Those characteristics seem to be the hallmark of scammers who represent themselves as contractors licensed by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, promise the moon then take the money and run.
Splendor in the Pines: Kentucky Derby Style
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A departure from the normal Mountain attire happens at least once a year when the White Mountain Woman’s Club holds its annual fashion show and luncheon at Torreon, all to benefit local charities and youth scholarships.
The world of miniatures
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